To understand the needs of individuals and groups in relation to the changing shape of society, culture and church life and provide a high standard of welcome that meets the expectations and aspirations of visitors

To maintain a good reputation for quality of experience

To be a place of inspiration and encounter

To uphold the diocesan vision by supporting the local church as they seek to share the love of God in their communities.

To support Lichfield Diocesan initiatives of discipleship, vocation and evangelism as together we follow Christ in the footsteps of St Chad

To nurture and encourage people from all walks of life in their spiritual journey as they come to us for resourcing, refreshment and renewal

To provide a space where people feel safe, are encouraged to flourish and grow and continue their own journeys of discipleship

To be creative and forward thinking in our care of the house and grounds, sympathetically developing and nurturing what is entrusted to us

To be environmentally and ethically aware of our local and global impact

To resource individuals, groups, the local church, Lichfield Diocese and the wider church and world through offering a relevant space and a range of events that appeal to a diverse audience.