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What is an individual retreat

An individual retreat is a time when you can step aside from the busyness of life to be alone with God. There is no set programme, but a Retreat Guide can meet with you for up to an hour a day and their role is to listen to you and to God on your behalf and help you to make the most of your time.

Do I need to be a Christian/Anglican?

Retreats are available to anyone seeking time alone with God, wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

How do I use the silence?

On a retreat you will be encouraged to be still and spend time in God’s presence. Being in silence can bring things to the surface for you to deal with and your Retreat Guide is there to help you discern where God is in that.

What can I expect?

To be made welcome and comfortable, you will be well fed and space will be given to you to be alone with God. You will have use of all that Shallowford House offers to its guests. Many people find that taking time out on a retreat becomes a significant milestone in their Christian life.

How will I spend my time?

You might reflect on a passage of scripture, spend some time walking around the gardens, or maybe use some of our art materials in response to what you have seen or heard. It’s ok to sleep too – sometimes we just need to rest in God’s presence.

What do I talk about with my retreat guide?

Whatever God has laid on your heart. You may be looking to deepen your relationship with God, or be facing a crossroads in life or in your Christian ministry, or have some searching questions to ask. Your Retreat Guide is not a Counsellor, but someone who listens to and with you.

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